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Our Story

Learn our story, from the beginning and into the future.

Ever since we opened our gates we have approached life (and death) differently. While some just see the end of a loved one’s life as a time for grief and mourning, we prefer to think of it as a time for reflection, appreciation and even celebration. This is evident in everything we do, from the way we conduct our services to the amenities we choose to offer. We are not a burial ground. We are a close knit community dedicated to honoring, sharing and preserving the amazing and inspirational stories that are life.

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Why Us?

In a nutshell? Experience, professionalism, compassion, and empathy.

Why Us?

Our current facility was built in 1972 and features a Cedar Shake mansard roof over the chapel. Our chapel comfortably seats 200 people, and a separate family room accommodates 45. For larger groups, we have louvered walls that can be adjusted for additional seating, giving our chapel a total capacity of about 375 people.

Learn the legacy.

Leon A. Wasson and wife Margaret Carl Wasson were both born in Gentry, Arkansas, the children of pioneer families and merchants. They moved to Siloam Springs and purchased the mortuary operated by the T. C. and Stewart McArthur, father and son, operated as the T. C. McArthur Furniture, Produce, and Undertaking Co. This was the oldest and only Undertaking Business listed in the 1903 Business Atlas published by the Herald and Democrat.

The business was located on the corner of Mt. Olive and University Streets and the building now used to house a physicians practice. The purchase took place in late fall of 1927. The firm was closed for extensive remodeling and was reopened in January 1928 as the Wasson Funeral Home.

In 1931 Mr. and Mrs. Wasson purchased a large frame two-story residence owned by Mr. Com D. Chandler located at 514 S. Mt. Olive. This has recently been used as a flower shop. The Business was moved to this new location where it remained until the completion of the present facilities in 1971.

The Wasson family was one of the pioneers in the formation of Burial Associations during the great depression, Funeral Insurance Programs since the early 1950’s and Prepaid Funeral Programs since the early 1980’s. These programs, over the years, and, at present, have rendered a tremendous help to our clientele in planning to defer the burden of funeral expenses.

The present management consists of Danny Wasson who is the Manager, arranger and funeral director. Bob Wasson joined the firm full time upon his graduation in 1959 from the University of Arkansas. His mortuary work having been completed at Dallas Institute in 1955. Bob passed away on March 19, 2022. 

Sharon Wasson was a career English teacher and left the post of Senior High School English Teacher to become part of our permanent staff in 1978. She attended the University of Arkansas and is a graduate of John Brown University.

Danny Wasson received his professional training from the Dallas Institute, attended the University of Arkansas and Graduated from John Brown University. Upon graduation he returned in 1987 to re-join our staff and management team. Bob and Danny Wasson are both graduates of the National Foundation of Funeral Service Management. 

Bryn Wasson is the newest family member to become a licensed funeral director in the state of Arkansas. She graduated from John Brown University in 2021, with a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership.

After reading this brief synopsis of our history, I hope that you can understand the pride that we feel in helping to maintain the high standards that we place on ourselves and the degree of excellence sought in genuinely trying to help the families that we serve. 

It goes without saying that our goals would not be achieved without the dedication of all the members of our staff. They, too share our objectives. We wish to share this sense of pride with you.

- Bob Wasson

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