Wasson Funeral Home offers a wide selection of urns, caskets, and vaults that have been carefully selected for the choice of materials and the craftsmanship involved in their construction. Our range of merchandise provides the families we serve with a variety of options in terms of protection, beauty, features, and prices.

To help you understand what’s available for your consideration, below is a brief description of more common types of merchandise. For more information, or for help in selecting a casket, urn, or outer burial container, or monument, please contact one of our staff.

Metal Caskets

Metal Caskets – which include bronze, copper, and steel – are typically selected because of the available finishes. Metal caskets offer more long-term protection than wood caskets; the most durable being bronze and copper. When choosing a steel casket, keep in mind that they come in many grades, gauges, styles and finishes, so make sure to ask your funeral director which options are right for you. Metal caskets can be personalized in a variety of ways in order to reflect the life of your loved one.

Hardwood Caskets

Hardwood Caskets are available in cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut, ash, poplar, & maple. These caskets have a more traditional appeal, and are often chosen because of the warmth, beauty, and rich finish. Wood caskets are handcrafted, can be personalized in a variety of ways in order to reflect the life of your loved one.

Vaults and Outer Burial Container

Vaults and Outer Burial Containers serve to protect a casket from the elements, offering long-term protection for the casket. Most cemeteries require the use of an outer burial container in order to help protect the grounds, so check with your funeral director regarding the requirements of your cemetery.


Urns, which are containers for cremated remains, are available in a wide range of styles and prices. Urns styles range in form from simple containers to very elaborate works of art. Before making a selection, you’ll want to consider what the urn is intended for. Is it for burial, placement in niche, scattering, or for display as a keepsake in your home? The styles and choices of urns are virtually unlimited, so if you have something particular in mind please let us know.

Monuments and Markers

Monuments and Markers are used as a permanent memorial at the cemetery, marking your loved one's grave with anything from a basic flat marker to a elaborate monument. Since even the most basic markers and monuments require a fair degree of customization (such as font styles, information to be presented, colors, materials, etc.), please allow our staff to help you with the selection process.